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What is Search engine optimization?

This picture tells about SEO

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO is a technique or a set of techniques by which you can bring your post/page/website to the top of the search engine’s first page.

[search engine: It is a platform on which we are searching for a query or something for example Google, Bing, etc.]

 Here’s the list of search engines that are mostly used nowadays followed by which country is using which search engine the most. If you want to bring your website to the top then you’ve to optimize your website according to the rules of search engines.

We can only rank organic search results through SEO. Organic search results are those results that are listed on the Search engine result page aka SERP because of relevance to the searched term that is a keyword and it is not artificially generated by pay per click. The traffic here is generated by SEO techniques.

Hence we can conclude that SEO is a long series of steps that you can take to rank higher on Google or any search engine and thus get free organic traffic.

Before moving ahead, you should take a glance about what all comes under search engine optimization.

Above we have used a term that is Search engine result page. So, before understanding search engine optimization we have to understand the basis on which we are going to apply the techniques to rank higher which is the Search engine result page.


Whenever we search anything on the search engine the very first thing that appears after putting a query in the search bar, is the search engine result page. So, basically, it is the page that appears in response to the user’s query. The SERP(nickname) shows three kinds of results:

So here’s a picture of what the search engine result page does look like.

search engine result page
this picture explains about the results on search engines.

Organic results:
These are the one which is not paid and seen on 3rd or 4th number or below pad results on SERP. These are the results that are ranked through Google’s index. Google index ranks these results on the basis of ranking factors and algorithms.

SERP features:
They are new on google. These are the ones that will appear on your SERP without clicking on any result. They can be paid, organic, or pulled from Google’s knowledge graph. The aim is to provide information in search results without the need to click a result.

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